BEZTEK® Clay Desiccant, make it as a newly developed desiccant. Betonies clay mainly consists of montmorillonite. It is scale like, in colour of Brown and White. it is a natural non-metallic sedimentary or volcanic mineral. Some are with porous structure, some are hard and bricked, and some are softly and satiny. It shows greater water vapour adsorption capability as compared to the compared to the conventional desiccant, such as Silica Gel or CaO; is a non- toxic, harmless and environmentally friendly product. It generally uses for various products such as auto/spare parts, electrical appliances, electronics, furniture, footwear, leather good, machinery etc.

Trade Name: BEZTEK® Clay Desiccant
Chemical Family: Non – Metalic Mineral
Chemical Name: Calcium Alumino Silicate Clay
Chemical Formula: K(Na)2O. Al2O3. 4SiO2.XH2O

Absorbing Ability

Relative Humidity Absorbing Ability
20% 15%
50% 30%
90% 45%

Physical Data

Appearance Brown / White Granules
Solubility In Water Insoluble
Loss in Drying (wt%) at 150°C 2.0-3.0
PH 6.4-7.5
Specific Resistance ( >20,000
Apparent Density (g/ml) 0.85-0.90
Surface Area (m2/g) >1,000
Pore Volume (ml/g) >0.5
Avg. Pore Diameter. (Å) <10
Specific Heal (Kcal/kg) >0.5
Thermal Conductivity >0.3
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