Container Dry / Cargo Dry

BEZTEK® Container / Cargo Dry

BEZTEK® Container Dry is a product contains of Magnesium Chloride desiccant that shows greater water vapour adsorption capability as compared to the conventional desiccant such as Silica Gel or CaO. Cargo Dry Packets is also known as a green product due to its absolute safety and environmental friendly.

BEZTEK® Container Dry is a newly found product that actively reduces the humidity inside the cargo or container with powerful absorption. Its super absorption capability can absorbs up to 200% of its own dry weight, compares to other closest competitor such as Silica Gel or Desiccant Clay only have 25% – 35% absorption capability. With 2 Major active ingredient, MgCl2 and Amylopectine Polyumere, on adsorbing moisture form surrounding environment and convert the resultant mixture to the gel, consequently to prevent the absorbed liquid to leaking. In addition of the unique of Tyvek® leak -proof packing materials allows absorption but prevents the absorbed liquid from leaking. Therefore, any potential of leakage are totally eliminating. Apparently shows that BEZTEK® Container Dry a highly efficient and cost effective solution to your mixture problems. At the same time, is a non-toxic, harmless and environmentally friendly products. It generally uses for large packaging, cargo and shipping container.

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Zettapac, No.1 Desiccant Packaging Supplier in Malaysia, offers range of product includes container dry, clay mineral desiccant, molecular sieve, silica gel and oxygen absorber. The key products are silica gel…

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