Humidity Indicator Card

Bagged desiccant are intended for use in removing moisture from air in the packages and closed spaces to prevent corrosion, mold, mildew and axidation (rust).

Humidity Indicator Card (HIC) is a simple to use instrument useful to measure Relative Humidity (RH) percentage in every sealed environment such as packaging. HIC give a visual feedback of the RH percentage in the environment as color change when exposed to a given percentage of Relative Humidity (RH). HIC is calibrated in different types to measure RH percentage from 5% to 60%. Humidity Indicator Card are reversible.

Application of Handling

  1. Withdraw HIC in quantity factually needed, do not expose HIC in open air for longer than 1 minute. In the case that HIC has changed its color into before using, drying 100°C until the color turns blue.
  2. Store HIC in original container together with desiccant. Replace desiccant after the container being opened for 3 times.
  3. Store HIC in dry and cool environment away from sun light and water.

How to Read HIC

Color of Spot
Color Blue Pink Purple
Read The environment RH percentage is lower than the percentage indicated by the spot. The environment RH percentage exceeds the percentage indicated by the spot. The environment percentage is the one indicated by the spot which is about to change from blue to pink color.

HIC Specification

Type Indicating Dot (%) Dimension (mm) Packing 36cans/ ctn
3H-1030 10,20,30 48*75*0.4 250pcs/can
3H-3050 30,40,50 48*75*0.4 250pcs/can
3H-1040 10,20,30,40 48*48*0.4 250pcs/can
3H-1060 10,20,30,40,50,60 102*38*0.4 250pcs/can
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